Jun 18, 2012

Read Between The Lines - Tape Mani inspired by Enamel Girl

Hellooooooo everybody!!!  How are you?  I am... EXHAUSTED... we had such a busy weekend & I feel like we never stopped moving.  I paid for it today at work by practically drooling all over my desk.  LOL 

During my busy weekend I somehow managed to find a minute or 2 (or more) to attempt a mani I saw from Enamel Girl.  I saw it on Pinterest & wanted to try it immediately.  I headed to Sally's to look for a perfect pink - or at least one close to it in order to do it.  Luckily I already had my perfect yellow courtesy of Zoya ~ Pippa.  While at Sally's I picked up another bottle of Seche Vite (can you really ever have too many bottles LOL) & managed to save $1 w/ a coupon.  Not a huge victory, but a victory none the less =) & I scooped up China Glaze ~ Love's A Beach (part of their Summer Neons Collection for 2012).  You can check out Enamel Girl's AHHHMAZING tape mani using the above link & here is my attempt:

Bottle Shot!!
My attempt close up
Sheck out my thumb...
Close up of my favorite finger (I think cause it looks like an "A")
How I did it --> Did my base colors (the base color comes out in the color of the lines), then I cut thin strips of scotch tape & placed them on my nail (after a nice thick coat of Poshe), once attached securely I put the contrasting color & removed the strips of tape as soon as I finished the top color.  Waited a bit & then topped all fingers off with a coat of Gelous followed soon after by Seche Vite.  Whew... 3 fingers in (pinky, ring & middle) I realized i should have attempted my own design - but I was so friggin' nervous to mess it up I copied Enamel Girl verbatim LOL, but I did do the thumb on my own as well as my index finger.  But once I saw the pictures above i realized the pinky & index are exactly the same just different direction ::insert face palm::.  Ah well, next time.  So what do you think?  I think I did it justice.  I see myself attempting this mani over & over.  The possibilities are ENDLESS.  Hope you enjoyed!!!


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    1. Hi Missy!!! Thanks so much! That means a lot to me & can I just profess my love to you for being my very first commenter ever? Yes? Awesome! I can't even tell you how excited I was when I saw this LOL Thanks again...