Jun 7, 2012

Gone & Joined a Cult - Cult Nails ~ Crusin' Nude ~

You read that right... I am officially a "Cultie"!  FINALLY, I've been wanting to own some Cult Nails polishes & I finally got 2 - MORE TO COME... Maria had a great sale where a select number of polishes were on sale for $5!!!  How could I turn my nose up at such an offer you ask?!  I couldn't... is the answer.  As I stated in my 1st post - I was a nude girl - so a huge part of my heart of course will ALWAYS lie in nude/neutral colors.  Besides, how cute is the name?!  The name of this polish is absolutely perfect to me.  I have a few nudes & every  time I wear them I feel like my hands look longer, sexy, naked, completely exposed.  Crusin' Nude lived up to my expectations & more! 
Do you hear the Angels singing?  LOL
Blurry close up look of shim-shimma
 As you can see... GORGE.  Let's delve deeper; shall we?

1st up - APPLICATION:  Phenomenal - I can't really remember the last time I tried a polish & was amazed at the ease & amount of coverage it gave, as I was with this.  Went on smooth - with NO streaking, balding, wasn't too thin or thick.  Perfect.  
2nd - COVERAGE:  This was sooooooo close to being a one coater for me.  I missed part of the edge & I hate going over a spot I just did, so I did a second thin coat.  If it wasn't for my shakey hands it would have been a 1 coater for me!  Opaque in one coat?! No!! YESSSS!!!!
3rd - SHINE:  Honestly the shiniest polish I've ever used.  I would have skipped top coat if I wasn't so paranoid about chipping.  The finish was PERFECT (there goes that word again!)

The color itself is beautiful.  It's a perfect nude (although it looks slightly brown in the 1st pic), with a stunning pink shimmer.  It gives it that extra something & has easily weaseled it's pretty little way into my heart as my very favorite nude!!!  As I mentioned I was able to scoop this up & Enigmatic (swatch on the way!) during the sale.  Cult Nails polish is available at Cult Nails & go for a very well worth it $10.  If you don't own, get thee into the Cult!  Ciao!