Jul 11, 2012

Heading to Turquoise & Caicos

G'day!!!  How are you lovely Ladies.  First, apologies for being away for so long... life has taken over I suppose. But now I'm back, to let you know, I could really paint them down.... (what a loser I am... didn't make sense but you see where I was going with that LOL).  I have a pretty little swatch to show you today.  Courtesy of Essie ~ Turquoise & Caicos... Essie, take me away!!!!!

I had heard so much about this color, when I found it I decided to jump on the bandwagon, tried it on my fingers & toes (note to self:  no Turquoise & Caicos for my lil' piggies, it just looked weird on my feet).  But cute on my nails.  My skin is quite pinky in some of these pics (THANKS INDOOR LIGHTING!!), but the color is pretty true to what you see.  I was able to wear polish - flat color on it's own for a total of 24 hours.  I'm finding more & more I MUST MUST MUST add some sort of something to a mani now.  Flakies, glitter, tape, more than one color.  I don't know if that's a good or bad thing... we shall see I suppose. 
Indoor lighting... It is truly unbelievable how my skin looks like piglet skin.  WTF? 
Different angle, appeared a bit darker than the first one
Thumb:  Deborah Lippmann - Boom Boom Pow
Index:  Nails Inc. - Wyndham Overglaze Top Coat
Middle:  Essie - Shine of the Times
Ring:  Sinful Colors - Pearl Harbor
Pinky:  Essie - Pure Pearlfection
And of course... I can't leave a flakie/glitter untouched.  Ya gotta mattify it!  I used Essie Matte About You

This was 2 coats of Turquoise & Caicos. Topped w/ Seche Vite, now, onto the review...

1st up - APPLICATION:  I thought it was a little on the thick side.  But I fought through :).  
2nd - COVERAGE:  Very good.  This was a 2 coater for me! Very easy to get opaque on account of thickness 
3rd - WEAR:  This was only on me for one day before I added swatched the topcoats above... but good news is there was no chipping in a day LOL.  I topped it off with a coat of Poshe & all was good with the world.

As you can see I used various topcoats to see how they'd get along with Turquoise & Caicos.  They got along magnificently :) Hope you enjoyed!