Jul 28, 2012

Sticks 'n Stones = LOVE

Herrrrrrrooooo on this SATURDAY afternoon... I think a weekend post is a first for me.  Don't mind it too much, just had to take a number to use the computer.  My Husband is OBSESSED with finding out info for his "corny" phone - sorry I'm an iPhone snob ;) & he's rolling with a Droid Rzr - but he's happy with it - blah.  So yeah, he spends all his damn time on the computer & I'm all "Hellooooo, I gotta blog...".  I kicked him off for you & for good reason - BEHOLD!!! I bring to you - Sticks 'n Stones by Cover Band!!!!
Come closer...
Blurry? Yes. But lookeee those bars!!!
First off, Sticks 'n Stones brings me back to what I'm sure all of our parents told us "Sticks 'n Stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you." You were right Mom <3 As I mentioned earlier I'm sooo loving this top coat.  I mean look at all this different glitter!  Hexes, squares & bars OH MY!  It's all just so pretty, it mingles so well together & it gives any color - I MEAN ANY COLOR.  An awesome affect.  I've worn it over 2 colors already & didn't take pics - sorry my fault.  One was over Zoya's Pippa & the other was a Color Club's Disco Dress (I'll save the nailgasm over that color for another post).   Sticks 'n Stones gives a really cool splatter affect until you get closer & really see all the different types of glitter.  This mani's base color is China Glaze's Love's a Beach & 1 coat of Sticks n' Stones.  As mentioned in a previous post I scooped this up from Ninja Polish for $9 & will definitely be picking up another bottle as back up.  What do you think about it?