May 28, 2012

Layla - Holographic Effect Nail Polish ~ Flash Black ~

Hello Darling Dears!  Hope your Memorial Day weekend was wonderful!  Mine was full of running around, family time & plenty of BBQ.  :) Now, onto the post!

Today I have a few pics of the gorgeous, lovely, breathtaking, awe inducing Layla Holographic Effect Nail Polish in Flash Black!!!!  Aaaahhh!!!  Cannot tell you how excited I was to get my hot little hands on it!!!  I had gotten my other two (Mercury Twilight & Ultra Violet) from Ave You for $15.50 ea. & was so in lurve when I got them!  Sheck 'em out...
Indoor Lighting - weather's been crappy...
And lots of rain = RAINBOWS!!!! C'MON!!!  LOOK AT IT!!!
Just to bring the rainbow detail home ::swoon::
 Seriously, how gorgeous?!  This is such a beautiful holo.  It's like a charcoal color - not complete black.  Filled to the rim with every color you can imagine! ROY G (minus the B)IV ~ Red, orange, yellow, green, indigo & violet <3 Looks great indoors & unbelievable in sunlight!  With this baby on you can't help but constantly look at your nails.  The application on this was pretty tricky... I used Seche Base Coat followed by 4 thin coats, with minimal brushstrokes to prevent balding.  Wear on it was pretty good; 3 days with NO top coat.  I heard Gelous will help protect from wear, but I didn't try it with this swatch.  Perhaps with my other 2.  I picked this up at Ulta for $15.50 & it was one of the last ones on display!!!  Woohoo!!!  If I could wear holo every day I really think I would... I'll post the other 2 soon.  Ta ta!


  1. wow.. i love the holo effect on nails! :) yours look gorgeous:)

    1. Aww, thanks so much :) Yes, I am a lover of Holo's as well, happy to see someone else shares the same love.