May 22, 2012

Finger Paints Magnetic Polish ~ Hipnotic

Hello there :)  Today I have a quick post about Finger Paints Magnetic Polish ~ Hipnotic.  I know, I know, magnetic polish?  Aren't those soooo last year?? They may be, but I still love 'em!  I was able to scoop this up when Sally Beauty had their Buy 2 Get 1 Free special in April (LUCKY ME!!).  

Indoor Lighting
Please don't mind the messy ring work ;) This is pre-clean up...
I believe the retail price on this was $6.99.  Inexpensive?  Yes, but I saw no difference in application or magnet intensity between this or my 2 London Inc. Magnetic Polishes.  I applied a thin coat, let it dry & then applied a fairly thick (but not too) 2nd coat & immediately applied the magnet - 1 nail at a time.  And topped it off with good ol' Seche Vite.  I like this color.  It's sort of like a metallic-y cranberry.  I LOVE how these magnetic polishes actually look like they're moving when you move your nails... produces an optical illusion... Oooooo... and the wear on it was pretty good as well.  I'd recommend for sure - although, I believe these were limited edition.  But I'm sure you could still find them somewhere.  You like???