May 29, 2012

Pretty in Purple - Butter London ~ No More Waity, Katie

Good Evening!  Hope all is well in your neck of the woods... my neck of the woods has been disgustingly hot, hot, hot.  I'm really not a fan of the Summer. Even when you're naked you're hot - at least when you're cold you can make yourself warm.  Having to take the subway to & from work does not help my tolerance level for heat.  Yuck!  But ya gotta love NY!  Anywho, this is a quick swatch of Butter London's ~ No More Waity, Katie.  Apologies for not being able to clean up some of my fingers, this was done before a mad dash to pack my bags & pick up my Son from daycare.  But there's always time for a little swatch right? :) 

Indoor Lighting
Indoor Lighting - closer look
Pretty Color - messy finger
This was done with 4 coats of No More Waity, Katie, over a Seche Base coat, topped with 1 coat of Gelous & 1 coat of Poshe.  NMWK is a really beautiful color, it's a grey lavender, with some beautiful light lavender glitter suspended in it.  I didn't have any issues with glitter moving as I applied the coats (AWESOME), they went on very smoothly & evenly & dried fairly quickly.  I used 4 coats to get to the opacity I desired.  I'm really drawn to Purples & this is certainly a shade of purple I had not possessed - until now... MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!  I scooped this Little Miss up at Ulta for $14.00 as part of my "Mini-Haul" a week or 2 ago & I'm so glad to call it mine.