Jul 15, 2012

Bring on the Rainbows!! Layla Holographic Effect ~ Ultra Violet

Hellooo!!!  How's everything?? All is well on this end thankfully :) I'm so super excited about a few things - nail related... I just bought my 1st starter Konad Kit last weekend!!!!!!!!!  It came complete with 2 mini nail polishes, 1 plate, a scraper & a stamper & I bought an additional plate as well.  I'll post pics soon of that as well as the additional 3 plates I bought this weekend.  Hell, I'll be showing you my first Konad FAIL too.  LOL 

But today, we're gonna go for a ride on a pretty little rainbow - brought to us courtesy of Layla Holographic Effect Nail Polish in Ultra Violet.... ooooooo rainbows... 

1st Shot - Indoor Lighting
2nd Shot - a little movement there ;)
LOVE this pic!  The tips look like they're on FIRE
Close up of the rainbow... so pretty

I LOVED this nail polish & have worn it a few times since I first got it.  If there's not a ton of light hitting it, it looks like a very light lavender.  But when the sun does hit it - put on your shades.  They are blindingly beautiful <3 Every.single.color.of.the.rainbow.  I only have 4 colors from this 1st round of Holographic nail polishes (2nd round of Holo's to come soon!!! Can't wait!) & what I do have I absolutely adore.  Here's what I thought:

1st up - APPLICATION:  The key to these are thin coats - which to be honest, can be extremely difficult for me.  I find the more I do them the better I get.  Thin coats that don't overlap each other with each stroke really are the best to prevent any sort of balding.  Luckily the coats dry very quickly!
2nd - COVERAGE:  Very good.  It took me 4 coats to get all coats even.
3rd - WEAR:  Since I never top off Holo's with any sort of top coat I'm kinda jerked from a nice extended wear.  I got 2-3 days before I took it off.  When I say "extended wear" I mean I could have let this go for a few more days before I removed it, but any little nick, or chip I see I use as an excuse to do another mani.  I shameless.  LOL

So yeah, Holo's are on my "Things I Love" list, 3rd only to my Son & Husband. LOL... kidding... kinda... no, not really :) Ciao!