Jun 12, 2012

Pretty Camo - Zoya ~ Yara ~

Hello!!!!  Hope all is well.  Been a bit busy - the weather has been such a mixed bag here in Jersey - HOT making you want to crawl out of your skin, COOL enough to put on a jacket & now GLOOMY the type that makes you just want to stay in bed all day.  I choose GLOOMY!  Not that I'm gloomy, but because I LOOOOOVE to sleep :) Anywho, I hope you're ready for a pretty little lady Zoya calls Yara!!!!

Zoya Yara was one of my 1st Zoya's, I was a little worried to go for such a dark olive-y green (remember terrified of color - THIS GUY).  I never owned a green & certainly not a dark green such as this.  When I got it I was pleasantly surprised by it!  Camo green is the 1st color that came to mind when I saw it, but was so happy to see the pretty gold glitter that resides in Yara.  The abundance of glitter is so much so that it almost takes on the appearance of flakies (you'll see below), giving it such a nice depth to it.

Reporting for Nail Polish Duty!!
Same indoor lighting, but darker at a different angle
EXTREME closeup!  See how it could take on a bit of a flakey appearance?
Obligatory bottle shot
1st up - APPLICATION:  Amazing.  Application was smooth, not thick or thin, perfect.  The glitter spread out so evenly, never leaving a bald patch or ever made me have to try to get the glitter into place.
2nd - COVERAGE:  Excellent.  This is a 2 coater for me! 1st application gave such a great amount of glitter a 2nd added even more to it. 
3rd - SHINE:  Super shiny & what amazing quick dry time... dries to a pretty metallic finish
4th - WEAR:  This was easily a 3 day wear with no chipping, topped off with Poshe - Mama is pleased!  It could have probably gone for more, but I cannot have 1 color on my nails for more than 3 days - as hard as I try!

All pics were taken indoors.  All in all, so pleased with this Zoya purchase & so happy to have a pretty green in my collection made even more of a stand out star because of the glitter.  They go for $8.00 a pop & I got mine at Zoya.  The fairies over at Zoya run such an insane amount of generous offers, this ::might:: have been part of a buy 3 get 3 free offer.  Even without the awesome offers, Zoya is a no brainer when it comes to a beautiful array of quality color (any color you want they have!), free of toxins & vegan friendly to boot!  You can also scoop some up at Ulta.  Ciao for now!