Jun 6, 2012

Butter London ~ Disco Biscuit

Hey there, hi there, ho there!!  Stopping in with a quick swatch for ya... It's certainly one I've had my eye on for a little while.  Had myself a nice little shopping trip in Ulta - with my obsession with nail polish the Hubs bought me some nail polishes for Mother's Day as part of my present :) This was one of 'em.  I was so excited about it, I even went outside to let the sun do it's work!  It's pretty, it's juicy, it's bright, sparkly & fun it's Disco Biscuit!!
4 fingers for ya.  So pretty <3
Closer look
Love the pink against the green grass LOL
I'd love to know how this name came up for Butter London.  It's weird, but after looking at it; I think it suits it really well.  Disco Biscuit is a hot pink jelly, packed to the rim with a fine blue micro glitter... upon my first wear of it I saw the blue micro glitter ONLY.  My second wear, under much closer inspection I realized that it actually has other colors of micro glitter, including red & green.  But like I said, the most obvious is the blue... it's so pretty & refreshing.  Application was easy, glitter went everywhere without an issue.  Not too thick or runny, I did have a bit of balding in some spots... perhaps it was just me.  This is as as opaque as I could get it after 4 coats.  Even with 4 you can still see a visible nail line.  But it isn't crazy obvious, so it's fine with me ;) Perhaps I'll try it was a white or nude base next time.  This was Day 2 of wear.  It's a little bit of a pain to remove (not as easy as a flat color, but not as much of a pain in the ass as full on glitter is).  As I mentioned I picked this baby up at Ulta for $14... problem is I saw a whole lot more colors that tickled my fancy... this is gonna be a problem... hope you enjoyed it. Ciao for now...